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Please do not place glass, plastic or fragile items on graves. These are a hazard to our staff and equipment.

Annual lot owner's meeting will be August 15, 2024 at 4:00PM at the cemetery office.

***The Oakwood Cemetery Board of Directors has an open board position. If you are a current property owner in the Cemetery and would like to volunteer your time, please email or write a letter of interest to the Oakwood Cemetery Association Board.***

Big Oak at Oakwood Cemetery
A poem by Sheila Blair

The Oak

Inside the Massive Trunk
A river of life flows,
Winter cold gives way to spring,
Hope of rebirth grows.

You can learn more about our history, our board and our mission to assist you in choosing the perfect burial site in our About Us section.

The first section of Oakwood Cemetery was an acre of land on Baird Road, acquired from Nathan Fisk. The oldest marked grave is that of Daniel Penfield’s miller, John Strowger, who died September 8, 1812. Graves that had been located in the burying ground at the Four Corners of town were moved to Oakwood sometime before 1825.

By 1887 the cemetery consisted of six acres and by 1960 it had grown to 24 acres. In 2021, the cemetery covers 28.9 acres.

The Oakwood Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1889 under the statutes regulating rural cemeteries. It is a corporation of lot owners whose “deeds” are recorded in the Penfield Town Hall.

Penfield Town founder, Daniel Penfield and his wife Mary are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, along with three of Mary’s siblings. Also buried in Oakwood Cemetery, is a local blacksmith, Timothy Bush. Mr. Timothy Bush is the third great grandfather of President George H.W. Bush. There are many soldiers buried at Oakwood Cemetery including:

  • 9 soldiers from the American Revolutionary War
  • 15 soldiers from the War of 1812
  • Over 50 soldiers from the American Civil War
  • Soldiers from 20th Century Wars

The mausoleum was added in 2008.

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