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Burial Records

All of our oldest and most detailed records can be found on the NyGenWeb Website.

How to Access:

To visit please click the link below to access Oakwood Cemetery Burial Recorders. Please note, that any information that Oakwood Cemetery receives at the time of a funeral will be included. New burial information is added to the site every 6 – 8 months.

For privacy purposes, there is some information you may not find. For instance, we do not list current pre-need grave or mausoleum sales.


Locate a Loved One

Once you've acquired a grave location online, bring the lot number to the cemetery and use the outdoor map at the west end of our office to find the space you're searching for. Please remember that not all graves are marked with a headstone.

Please Note: Marking a grave after a recent funeral

If the burial space is not identified by a previously installed headstone, your funeral director may offer to provide you with a temporary grave marker. These markers are typically made of metal and glass and are dangerous during the mowing season. They are normally left at the burial site for 3 to 4 weeks after a funeral. We suggest placing a durable pot of deer-resistant flowers at the grave for family members to recognize until a headstone can be installed.



Annuals or perennials are allowed within 18” of the front of your headstone. Pick a variety that is deer-resistant, and drought-tolerant if you are not able to water frequently. Artificial flowers and plastic decorations are not permitted.

Shrubs and bushes are no longer allowed. The shrubs that you see in the cemetery were grandfathered in around 1984.

The cemetery will begin to clear all Christmas and holiday decorations beginning March 1st (weather permitting).  This may take a few weeks to complete, but all winter decorations will removed by March 31st.

Whenever the threat of freezing weather has passed.

Yes, however out of respect for our lot owners, please keep your pet on a leash and carry any waste to our dumpster in the back of the cemetery. Please refrain from using the white gardening baskets for animal waste.